Bucky Beaver Games


Who is
Bucky Beaver ?

Bucky Beaver is Canadian and lives in British Columbia but he likes to travel the world so he can play games with all of his friends.

Bucky's best friend is Lenny the Lumberjack and all of his other friends are part of Lenny's extended family. Even though Bucky teases Lenny a lot, he is very fond of him and thinks he is the real star.

You should be warned that Bucky is very competetive so why not download one of his games and see if you can beat him.

Bucky and his friends feature in a number of games available on Android and Apple - the latest is Bucky Beaver's Kayak Kalamity which features Lenny's younger brother, Kenny the Kayaker.

Other members of Lenny's family will also appear in the game, as will Bucky's kits.

Bucky Fact: As Bucky is a beaver his children are called kits

This is a great way to start learning about Bucky, Lenny and his family so download it now and start playing.